Groups of 7 or more

Out of Milwaukee we have a fleet of Charter boats that can accommodate large groups.  Our fleet of boats can  take larger groups but we must split your group up as a max of 6 people per boat.

If you have a group of 7-12 persons then we would take out 2 boats that day. 13 to 18 would be 3 boats and so on. The rate is approx. $132 – $207 per person depending group size for a 5hr trip.  Call us now 1-414-553-9800 and we will give you more details. We only use the top rated Captains on these trips.  Your departure times will all be the same and as a group you can decide what time of day you want to leave the dock. Call us now for more details .

Boat Charters Out Of Milwaukee, WI

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